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Tips For Helping Your Child Save Energy

Many young children do not understand the importance of saving energy and how this can benefit the environment. Once they learn about the environmental outcomes of not saving energy, it is likely that your child will want to do their part in saving energy.

Getting your child into a routine: It is important to get your child into a routine and have them get into the routine of saving energy. Teaching your child to turn off a light switch when they leave the room is beneficial in the long run. They will get into the habit of doing this, and make it a routine in their day to day life.

Educate your child with books: There are many children’s books about recycling and helping the environment. Some examples of these books are Earth Ninja , What A Waste , and Go Easy On Energy. These can all be found on Amazon and are a great way to teach your child about the importance of keeping our earth green.

Turn off electronics when they are not being used: As technology advances, it is important to teach your children that they need to turn off our electronics when they are done using them. Teach your child that appliances can not draw power when they are turned off!

Have your child shower with a timer: Teaching your child early about saving water is crucial. Many young children have no idea that leaving the water running in the sink, or leaving the shower running for too long is bad. Setting a timer for five minutes can give your child enough time to shower, while not wasting water.

Encourage your child: In order to motivate your child to take the necessary steps to save energy, it is important to set goals. Think about creating a sticker chart at home. Some columns might include: turning off the lights, turning off electronics, turning off the sink when they brush their teeth, etc. Constantly reminding your child about saving energy from a young age will have a lasting effect.

Not every child will become interested in saving energy right away. Although, by educating your child on this topic, and setting goals for your child, they will be on the right track. Once your child learns the importance of keeping our earth green, they will want to do their part in saving energy!

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