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Tips For Your Family Vacation

Summer has officially started and many parents are looking to enjoy a fun filled vacation with family. By preparing, remaining adaptable, and keeping a positive attitude in the face of adversity, travel with children can be incredibly fun for everyone involved. Below are a few hints and tips that will help guarantee a fun filled family vacation.

Before You Leave:

Getting From Point A to B: If you have young children, you may need to a destination that is within driving distance. While this may limit the opportunities, it in no way needs to limit the fun. If you choose to drive, think about setting a few predetermined stops along your journey in order to break up a long trip and avoid "cabin fever."

Long distance plane travel can lead to serious stress for young children and may also be burdensome for parents. In the event that plane travel is unavoidable for your family to reach the destination of your dreams, try to bring games and activities that will keep your young ones entertained for an extended period of time. We encourage you to avoid relying on computers, tablets and phones. This will introduce them to the products if they haven't used them before or increase their interest and reliance whereas games, puzzles and activities can be just as entertaining. Keep in mind that plane travel typically includes time spent going to and from an airport as well as time at the gate, so there will likely be a lot of time spent in the terminal - Plan accordingly!

Family Travel With Kids

Accommodations: Remember that while on vacation, your children will likely have a different day-to-day schedule than they are used to. The more you are able to keep parts of their day "routine" or resembling what he or she is used to, it can reduce everyone's stress levels. For example: Consider trying to cook at least one meal per day so that the family can eat together and share a moment alone. Having access to a kitchen works particularly well for those families with children that eat often. Not only does this preserve the continuity of experiences, it may also save a bit of money!

Once You Arrive:

All young children benefit from interactive and engaging activities while on vacation. This keeps them stimulated and forming memorable experiences. Depending on where you are headed, museums, art centers, nature walks or Zoos can be superb locations to capture the attention of younger children. It may make sense to hold off on some of the more courageous and adventurous activities until your child is old enough to enjoy the full experience. Depending on age, these may include: hiking, climbing, swimming, and other physically draining tasks.

Look for nearby stores or groups to see if they organize any classes for youngsters. These are great resources and can provide an opportunity to let your children go on their own for an hour or two while you get a little personal time! If you end up traveling with another family, an alternate plan can be to switch on and off who is looking after the children while the parents can get some quality time to unwind.

With all of this said, it is important to remember not to overschedule! You certainly want to capitalize on all of your valuable time away, however, on the off chance that you jam too much in to a short period of time, you may end up with whiny, grumpy kids. Incorporate some personal or down time in order to combat a hectic schedule. Encourage your children to get plenty of sleep, even if it is in the car, at the pool or in a stroller. Remember, they are on vacation too and should be able to unwind.

It is always important to remember that traveling can be as frustrating as it is rewarding if you are not thoughtful about the the planning. Utilize these tips and anything you gather from the links below to reduce the challenges and increase the fun!

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