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Helpful Hints for Back to School

Trying to adjust your schedule to transition from the summer months of relaxation and stress free into the hectic routine for back to school can be tough, especially after the long months of being away from school due to COVID-19. It may be overwhelming for you or your child to decide whether your child will be returning back to school in person or doing virtual school, but here are some helpful tips to hopefully reduce any stress or worries that you may have for the upcoming school year!

Create a Daily After School Schedule for Your Child: Regardless of if your child is returning to the classroom or staying home to complete their school day, maintaining a routine even after they finish the school day is vital for your young children. A sample after school schedule is provided below. This example is a great way to create balance in your child’s life so that they can have fun with their electronics while completing their homework, eating healthy, and going to bed at a reasonable time. After your child finishes their homework, you can reward them with free time or time designated to use their electronics. It may be difficult to help your child adjust to this system after all of the summer fun and carefree activities, but it will benefit your child, physically and mentally.

Make a Study/Homework Space: It is important that your children has a specific table or desk in a quiet place at home where they can complete their homework. In this space, make sure that they have all of the necessary materials to complete their homework including paper, pencils, crayons, etc. This is imperative to help your child be able to focus while working, as well as teaching them organizational skills and habits.

Track Your Homework and Activities with a Planner: At the beginning of a new school year, it is helpful to keep a calendar or planner so that you can plan out your daily schedule ahead of time. This is especially helpful when finding a balance between your child’s schedule and your own personal schedule. You can keep track of your child’s homework due dates, extra curricular activities, doctors appointments, or your own personal work meetings. This will help maintain your stress levels and stay organized through the hectic changes that a new school year brings.

To make the back to school season successful for both you and your child, follow these helpful hints to keep track of your child’s schedule and be organized. If you plan ahead of time, you will be prepared to help your child as they navigate through the transition into a new school year where they will be making new friends, learning new skills, and discovering new passions!

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