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Healthy Family Routines & Habits

Having a good healthy routine is an important aspect to any family dynamic. During the COVID-19 pandemic we are in currently, now is a very crucial time where habits are important to introduce to our children. Establishing healthy routines into our children’s lives can help ease anxiety and stress. It can also be beneficial to us as parents, to not feel as overwhelmed.

Morning Routine: Talk to your children about establishing a morning routine. Instead of your child barging into your room every morning wanting to watch TV, establish healthy habits. This might start with you as the parent, showing your child your own morning routine. This could be if you start your morning with a coffee as you watch the morning news. After you show your child your routine, help them build their own. This could include your child waking up and going right to brush their teeth and make their bed.

After School Routine: After a fun day at school, your child might be wondering what they should do when they get home. Setting routines into place can help your child with any after school boredom. An after school routine could include setting your child up with a snack as they start any homework, have a rest time with their favorite book, or watching an educational Netflix show.

Chores: It is very important to get your child into the habit of chores and helping out around the house at a young age. This can also ease any stress as a parent, to have some extra hands helping you out. After dinner, get your child into the habit of helping with the dishes. Once you introduce this habit, it will become a part of their everyday life.

If you feel like you are constantly facing any problems with your child such as being late to school, or up late past bedtime, it is helpful to brainstorm how you can set a solution into place by coming up with healthy habits. By forming a routine and taking action, any parent will feel more at ease.

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