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Week 5 - Free Home Resources: Languages

Week Five of our at home free resources series covers Languages. We have tried to include various engaging options that range from on screen games to off screen activities.

As a reminder, each week, we will be providing these resource lists based on specific learning areas (Activity / Well being, Reading / Writing, Math, Languages, etc.). We hope you enjoy!


Duolingo’s motto is “Learn a language forever. Free.”

Babbel is free for students for three months this spring.

Busuu provides free online language classes for kids affected by school closure, taught by expert teachers.

Teachers have started offering classes online, such as these instructional YouTube videos in English and Spanish.

Conjuguemos - Language education for Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Korean and Latin

Mango - Language education for 70 languages

PandaTree - Spanish and Mandarin Chinese language education for ages 2-17

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