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Educational Netflix Shows For Children

As many parents try to find ways to keep their children occupied throughout the summer months, educational television shows are a great option. Instead of just turning on any TV show to keep your child entertained, it is important for your child to watch a show that keeps them thinking. Netflix has many great shows to keep your child entertained, while obtaining great information.

Word Party”: This show stars four baby animals who want to learn new things. These animals turn to the “audience” for answers, which can make your child feel like a role model. This can help your child build confidence, while problem solving. This show is also great for vocabulary building. Overall, this show can help your child learn about friendship as well as building emotional awareness.

“Llama Llama”: This series is based on the best selling book series by Anna Dedney. Llama Llama learns from his Mama Llama about friendship, having fun, and going about new things in life. This show allows children to learn and grow with the new experiences Llama Llama encounters.

“Super Monsters”: Super Monsters is all about showing model behavior for children watching. The monsters are a group of preschool children whose parents are the world's most famous monsters. They practice their special monster powers, at the same time they prepare for kindergarten. As this show takes place in a school setting, the teachers help these monsters understand their feelings and emotions. This show is a great way for children to learn about social relationships as well as helping build their emotional development.

These different shows can help in various ways from helping with your child's emotional development to building their vocabulary. It is not always easy to pick the right shows for our children, but we hope this list helps you spend less time searching for what your child should watch!

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