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COVID-19 Safety Precautions for Back to School

The back to school season is upon us and due to COVID-19, there are some extra precautions that must be taken to ensure that your child can experience a safe and smooth transition into the upcoming year. Here are some precautions for back to school that you should follow to guarantee your child’s safety.

Social distancing reduces close contact between people, limiting you or your child’s risk of getting sick. Social distancing prevents the infectious respiratory droplets a person with COVID-19 releases nearby while breathing, talking, or coughing. While your child is at school, you should also remind your kids not to share food or drinks.

When your child is in their classroom at school, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain 6 feet away from their friends, which is why wearing a mask is imperative. Wearing a mask also helps to contain any infectious respiratory droplets that may be released while breathing, talking, or coughing, especially when social distancing is more challenging and even if the person doesn't yet know they're sick.

Washing your hands limits the risk of getting sick by touching a contaminated surface and then spreading the virus to your eyes, nose, or mouth if you touch your face. Children have a habit of touching their faces constantly, so it is necessary that you remind them to consistently clean their hands and put hand sanitizer in all convenient locations, including their backpacks and lunch boxes.

No matter how many precautions are being taken at your child's school, gathering a group of kids into a classroom will come with some level of risk. It's important to make sure that your child's school is adhering to the recommendations by public health officials like the CDC and is implementing every plan and measure needed to keep your child safe while at school. Schools should be proactively reaching out to you about these new safety measures, but make sure you are also being proactive by being aware of you and your child’s symptoms. Know and understand the safety measures that are being implemented on the school campus so that you can send your child to class worry free.

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